Why Are Chromebooks So Bad?

Chromebooks, for all their intended purposes, are not that bad. Keeping computers all in one device, rather than having a desktop or laptop and a tablet or phone, is efficient and can be very convenient.

Pros And Cons of Chromebooks

For example, you would have Google Docs, your email and calendar, and social media all in one place.

This can also be very fun, as you’ll be able to use all your favorite apps on your computer.

The biggest issue with Chromebooks is that they depend totally on the internet. Like a tablet, they can’t get any files off the internet, and need to sync with a phone. This can be very frustrating and make a Chromebook near useless if you don’t have wifi.

There are many people who prefer using the internet from the comfort of their own home.

However, a lot of those people prefer working from home as well, so laptops are a great way to achieve both. But, laptops can be expensive. That’s why this writer loves Chromebooks. Chromebooks are laptops that are extremely affordable and work great for beginners. With the help of a Chromebook, this writer has created all of their content as well as edited it!

But, why are Chromebooks so great? Well, they aren’t.

Why Are Chromebooks so Bad?

Chromebooks are so bad because, for one, they are not for everyone. Most people prefer Windows over Chrome.

Chromebooks, however, are meant for the light computer users. For example, my friend uses a Samsung Chromebook 2. She uses it for simple tasks like looking up directions, writing, and uploading photos. She doesn’t use it for anything else because her computer at home is much better.

Chromebooks also are not very reliable. Many of them break easily, they have very bad battery life, and they have many glitches. I know because I have one and it’s a huge pain.

The last reason why Chromebooks are bad is because they have no ports and no regular USB ports. This problem makes it hard to do some things because you have to use the small USB ports that are usually very slow.

What I Personally Think About Chromebooks?

In today’s world, technology is an important part of our lives. Everywhere you look, phones, tablets, and computers are being used.

When it comes to computers, the two popular types are Windows and Mac. Macs are great computers and are preferred by many, but there is another type of computer that many don’t know about called Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are computers that use Google’s Chrome OS. They’re laptops that you can use to work on documents, play games, watch movies and much more. Many who have used Chromebooks, though, think that they are worse than Macs and Windows computers. This article will explain why these people think Chromebooks are bad.

Which Are The Best Chromebook Alternatives?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a chrome book, you must consider your alternative options first.

You could get a laptop or a tablet instead. Tablets, such as the iPad or other Android equivalents, are more portable and cheaper than laptops. If you’re looking for something that has a better resolution, you would be better off looking into MacBooks or other options.

However, if portability is what you’re after, you’ll probably be happier with a tablet. To summarize, your alternative options are a laptop or a tablet. The price and portability will be the determining factors of which is the best for you.


Chromebooks are increasingly growing in popularity, but are they really worth it? Chromebooks are easy and simple to use laptops, but they aren’t going to blow anyone’s mind. So why do they seem to be gaining so much popularity recently? This article is going to go over why

Chromebooks are so bad and why they are gaining popularity.

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