Best Web Hosting For Joomla Sites

Determining what and which hosting service provider is best fit for your business and website needs can seem like a daunting, near-impossible task. This is the last way you should feel, especially considering the multitude of other financial and business-based responsibilities that you should be focusing on to strengthen your business, as well as meet your customers’ needs and expectations. With this, have a look at some of the “top rated” Joomla hosting service provider, and determine what server providers are going to be most practical for you and the future of your business!


hostgatorRelying on HostGator for Joomla hosting is a very practical decision, as they posess a strong diversity and powerful dynamic in being an effective, consistent, and trustworthy website hosting service provider for Joomla users. Most specifically, since HostGator works in tangent with SoftLayer (previously known as ThePlanet), which is very advantageous considering they have server and service centers in multiple locations, throughout DC, Houston, Dallas, and Seattle.

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In regards to technology and uptime, SoftLayer is strongly reputable, entwined with and recognized by IBM, and provides top of the line technology to power it’s servers to fit both personal and business needs.

From host-ping and IPMI statistics, all the way to CA Nimsoft Monitoring (Basic), HostGator in tangent with SoftLayer provide top of the line service, servers, and technology. These tools make it easy to monitor website or business traffic, ‘hiccups’ if ever in the system, uptime, and more! From BareMetal to Virtual servers, SoftLayer is reinforced with top of the line, modern server servicing and products!

With 24x7x365 NOC Monitoring, HostGator via SoftLayer makes its way and stays at the top of our list as it provides an in-depth, broad array of various in-built tools, services, and resources to maintain the integrity of your website or business, constantly keeping it monitored, and being able to refocus your energy and efforts on communications with clients and other business responsibilities. Given its broad array of monitoring agent services, nearly every aspect of your server and business are constantly covered! HostGator is definitely our number one choice for good-reason!

HostGator is full of customer-service tools, resources, and guaranteed support! From 24/7 sales support, technical support, emergency-services, and reporting abuse, there is literally a tool and resource for any and every kind of website or business developer and owner!

To top it all off, HostGator has a very modern ticketing system designed for your convenience, so it’s simple to submit queries, make requests, changes, and more—all the while making the most out of your Joomla integration and experience!

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BlueHost Web Hosting Service Provider

Using C-Panel technology to access Joomla without flaw, BlueHost web hosting has been around for nearly 20 years, providing quality servers, services, and care!

Given its broad range of various customer service tools, many rich in 24-hour accessibility, it’s definitely up on the top of our last, though does not manage to compete with HostGator’s flexibility, mobility, modern technology, and advanced broad-range technical servers, modifications, and total immersion into Joomla.

In consideration of Joomla compatibility, BlueHost exceeds expectations for small to medium sized businesses that utilize the framework of Joomla’s website and business templates, although for larger sized businesses you might find competing names a bit more substantiated. On the other hand however, integrating Joomla direct usage, uploading, and modifications through Fantastico is definitely a modern usage of the product, and makes for a nice bonded, well-rounded, total feature and root access control to your Joomla aspirations.

With over 7,000 servers, and hosting over 4 million domains, BlueHost easily makes up at least 1% of the entire internet, which does in fact say quite a lot.

Unfortunately to date however, it has been reported that BlueHost has stuck its remaining customers with an in-built, older version of Joomla, specifically the 2.5 version, and do not offer as extensive or consistent support as users would like. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but pick carefully if Joomla is a strong component to determining the best web hosting service provider for you and the future of your business.

Combining GoDaddy and Joomla

Hosting Joomla and getting the feature-rich experience Joomla users expect from GoDaddy is seemingly a sort of ‘two-edged sword’ with GoDaddy. That is, as they have a multidude of power, sources, and energy going into Joomla hosting specifically, as well as technical representatives that specialize in Joomla.

However, on the same note, Joomla has come together with its users through GoDaddy, as this hosting service provider has designed three very unique, eye-catching, and helpful service plans to integrate Joomla internally, and putting the user in total control with ease.

While GoDaddy uses advanced technology, including cloud-storage, it appears as though in comparison to the competition, that load times just simply are not on par with what Joomla business owners would like to see, regardless of business or traffic capacity. Many users have complained of the load times. With over 9 data-centers dedicated to those whom are using Joomla features and software capabilities you would think the progression of speed and memory would go hand in hand, however this appears to simply not be the case.

With an average of 794ms with using GoDaddy and Joomla, we aren’t completed disappointed, but, we’re definitely confident that you can find a much more capable provider out on the market, or at least one that’s more “Joomla-friendly”.

In conclusion, if you’re serious about getting the most from your experience in deciding on a website server provider to strengthen your Joomla capabilities, then we hands-down recommend HostGator, especially when compared to the competition!

Conduct your research, check BBB reviews and feedback, and most importantly perform due diligence to ensure you get the most for your investment, specifically when it pertains to the future stability, growth, and maintenance of your business or website. Joomla is by no means a website template designer and interface, integrated software that should be taken lightly or is migrated easily with every server hosting service available on the market.

Making this type of decision isn’t easy, but we’re confident that you’re now more realistically equipped to make the best decision!